Ever wondered how good your advocacy is? What could you be doing better? This tool will help you to assess your advocacy capacity and is for community and voluntary sector organisations who want to take stock of their capacity and identify ways in which it could be strengthened. Using this tool over time will allow you to measure how your capacity is evolving and changing. It can be used by individuals advocates, advocacy teams, or to compare perspective on capacity within the same organisations.

The tool explores whether you are satisfied with your capacity across a series of indicators. There are two main sections:

  • Section 1 deals with core competencies relating to advocacy such as planning, messaging, research, collaboration etc.
  • Section 2 explores which strategies and tactics you use, or could use, in your advocacy.

At the end of the questionnaire, you will be able to generate a PDF report based on your answers that will provide a summary of:

  1. Areas you are satisfied with
  2. Areas that you are relatively happy with, but could strengthen
  3. Areas that, for you, are a priority to strengthen.

This summary should help guide your plans to strengthen your advocacy capacity. It offers a baseline from which to explore capacity growth over time. These results are confidential and specific to you and your organisation.

Visit the "Assess your Advocacy" website

* Please note that this tool will be under the management of Barnardos from August 2014 as a legacy partner of The Advocacy Initiative until 2017. As the administrators Barnardos will be able to collate comparative results to allow for broad cross-sectoral comparisons, which they can make available to everyone who uses the tool. Barnardos will have no access to individual organisational data and will not be able to identify individuals and organisations that use the tool. We are committed to maintaining complete anonymity in the application of this tool.

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